The Collective Aggregation Effect

On this episode, we’re looking at collective aggregation and the appeal for each of us to make small contributions to grand collective outcomes. Consumer Psychologist, Adrian Camilleri joins us to explain how this strategy works from a marketing perspective.

Plus, we speak to Earth Hour Co-Founder, Andy Ridley, about the power of symbolism in on a large scale. 

Further Reading:

Watch the Earth Hour 2007 ad here.

For more information on Adrian’s research visit his website or the UTS website.

Andy Ridley is CEO of Citizens of The Great Barrier Reef.

People from around the globe have continued to turn out the lights for one hour each year. More information on Earth Hour can be found on their website.

Music: Rupert Sachs, S.A. Karl, Isola James, Ookean, In Dawn

Credits: Earth Hour advertisement-City of Sydney/ James Newton Howard 

Image: Rob Curran (Unsplash)

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