Death Comes to Marlow by Robert Thorogood – Part Three

We discuss chapters 33-41 of Robert Thorogood’s second Marlow Murder Club novel, Death Comes to Marlow. The hunt for our culprit reaches its head, but so does the police department’s hunt for itself. Tanika has a pivotal role to play in unraveling this case, but it’s going to take guile to get the Marlow Murder Club to their destination. Will Flex accept the answers, and did they make sense?

We’re also joined by Rae Cairns, speaking with Irene Diakanastasis, to talk about Rae’s latest novel ‘Dying to Know‘. Geneva’s sister went missing in terrifying circumstances 12 years ago, but when new evidence renews her hunt for the truth, every step forwards brings her closer to danger.

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Check out Part One and Part Two here!

Thank you to Harper Collins for providing copies of ‘Dying to Know’ to 2SER.

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