Death Comes to Marlow by Robert Thorogood – Part Two

We discuss chapters 15-32 of Robert Thorogood’s second Marlow Murder Club novel, Death Comes to Marlow. If you thought Judith, Suzie and Becks weren’t going to be able to keep up with young modern crime protagonists, you’ll be pleased to discover that this sequence includes car chases, technological espionage, high-value financial crime, climate protests, tense pub showdowns, and somehow they all still fit. Our mysterious boot-printer is identified, and our two lead suspects continue to trade insults.

We’re also joined by Alex Pavesi, on the tail of featuring his novel ‘Eight Detectives’. We talk about the motivations behind the story, the benefits of melding short with long-form story in one tale, and the scam of fair play murder mystery.

Also, We Wish You Were Here! 2SER’s annual April fundraiser is on, with a bunch of great prizes on offer in return for your support of our work and the home it finds itself on. Sign up before April 30th for your chance to win.

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