Decapitation by NISIOISN – Part Three

We discuss chapters 7-8 of ‘Decapitation’ by NISIOISIN. Flex has discovered the true source of the famous author’s power, and it’s not pretty, or maybe it is. Through all the weirdness and clunk in the writing, NISIOISIN has left behind some interesting messaging, engaging hooks, and memorable characters. Where the series goes from here is anyone’s guess, but somehow, it sounds like Flex and Herds actually walked away…enjoying this one? Anime next, too.

We’re also joined by LJM Owen, the Festival Director of Terror Australis Readers and Writers Festival, to talk about the impending ‘Tassie Vice‘ weekend, which we’ll be MC’ing! The program for this year also includes extended writing workshops and professional development in the beautiful Huon Valley.

Check out Part One and Part Two here!

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