2ser Breakfast :: 6:00am 16th Aug 2019


Bonniesongs   Coo Coo

Kevin Morby   No Halo

Seeker Lover Keeper   I'm An Island

Dominic Breen   Ashfield

Cross Record   An Angel, A Dove

Phia   Full Circle

Africa Express   The River

Aldous Harding   Weight Of The Planets

Karen O & Danger Mouse   Ministry

Pipe-Eye   Inside/Outside

Monnone Alone   I Wanna Hide In Yesterday

Purple Mountains   Margaritas At The Mall

E for Echo   Talk Don't Talk

The Saboteurs   Only Child

Seeker Lover Keeper   One Way Or Another

Peak Twins   Heaven Knows

Nerija   Partner Girlfriend Lover

Angie McMahon   Keeping Time

Hot Chip   Why Does My Mind

Little May   Backseat Driver

Wand   Rio Grande

Billie Marten   Blood Is Blue

Shafiq Husayn   Message In Bottle

The Laurels   Sound System

AM Reruns   Dial In Static

Seeker Lover Keeper   Not Only I

Evan Lock   Boy Interrupted

Whitney   Valleys (My Love)

Amami   Ivory

Dyson Stringer Cloher   Falling Clouds

Mark Temple   Starlight

Hayden Thorpe   Straight Lines

Claude Fontaine   Cry For Another

Meernaa   Ready To Break

Royal Chant   Shutdown Corner


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