2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 20th Feb 2024


Fugazi   I'm So Tired

Brittany Howard   Prove It To You

Fluxa   KLEXOS

The Smile   Teleharmonic

Yirinda   Thurum Voi

Bill Ryder-Jones   Nothing To Be Done

Arrogant Assassin   Enter The Shima (Zone Of Death)

Canisha   ADHD

The Tibbs   Chicken Bones

J. McFarlane's Reality Guest   Precious Boy

Sonny ISM   An Ocean Apart

Orgone   Peace For You

Helado Negro   Out There

Future Islands   The Thief


Yirinda   Ba Gi Lam

Erys   Tomes

Dead Witch   Sunshine

Molly Lewis   Porque Te Vas

Dina Ögon   Milton

TORRES   I Got The Fear

Melaleuca   Doglicking

Gauci   Dead Afraid

Finnoguns Wake   Lovers All

Shannon and the Clams`   The Moon Is In The Wrong Place

Four Tet   Loved

@   Are You There God? It's Me, @


Total Tommy   Microdose

Yirinda   Guyu

Velvet Trip   Get You Off My Mind

Hooper Crescent   Wrong Direction

Big Scary   All You've Done To Me

Camera Obscura   Big Love

Jess Ribeiro   Everything Is Now

S.O.U.L.   Burning Spear


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