2ser Breakfast :: 6:00am 28th Jun 2019


Big Thief   Cattails

Black Pumas   Know You Better

Seeker Lover Keeper   Let It Out

Purple Mountains   Darkness and Cold

Chris Cohen   Sweet William

Atom   Parasite

Braille Face   Mir

Nilifur Yanya   Angels

Durand Jones and the Indications   Too Many Tears

Pottery   Hank Williams

Rina Mushonga   Pipe Dreamz

Thom Yorke   Traffic

Summer Flake   In The Dark

Unloved   Heartbreak

Black Pumas   Sweet Conversation

Possible Humans   Lung Of The City

Sacred Paws   Is This Real

Nubiyan Twist   Tell It To Me Slowly

Vacations   On Your Own

Hayden Thorpe   Love Crimes

Hatchie   Unwanted Guest

If You Can Want   Perth County Conspiracy

Kit Sebastian   Tyranny 20

Black Pumas   Old Man

Lucy Roleff   A Woman's Worth

Flamingods   Peaches

Reality Instructors   Why Couldn't You Be Kind

KOKOKO!   Malembe

Franco   How Could You Leave

White Denim   So Emotional

Lambchop   The New Isn't So You Anymore

Monnone Alone   Summer Of The Mosquito


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