7:00am 28th May 2017 :: Weekend Breakfast


Sunscreen   Voices

The Mountain Goats   Shelved

Real Estate   Stained Glass

Aldous Harding   Blend

Evan Dando   The Same Thing You Thought

Big Thief   Shark Smile

Courtney Barnett   How TO Boil An Egg

Malik Abdul-Rahmaan   Rain Showers

The Stevens   Chancer

Pheno   Dragon Year

Hoops   On Top

Julie Byrne   Melting Grid

Fazerdaze   Lucky Girl

Shabazz Palaces   Shine a Light

Aldous Harding   Imagining My May

Jack Ladder and the Dreamlanders   Susan

Slowdive   Everyone Knows

Helium   Leon's Space Song

Coldcut and On You Sound   Vitals

The Protesters   Solidarity

Arto Lindsay   Tangles

Woods   Love is Love

Joan Shelley   Where I'll Find You

The National   The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness

Aldous Harding   What If The Birds Aren't Singing Their Screaming

Will Stratton   Light Blue

Jessica Says   Fun Factory

Salami Rose Joe Louis   Mobius Strip

Dappled Cities   Coraline

Los Straiitjackets   What's So Funny Bout Peace and Love

Leah Senior   Jenny

Underground Lovers   You Let Sunshine Pass You By


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