Chimes :: Working Week Tunes 16th Jan 2021

Celebrate the return to 9-5 (unless you’re lucky to still be on holidays) with songs inspired by the working days of the week!

Track: As Fresh As Monday
Artist: The Odolites
Release: Chimes 7″
Label: Rampant Releases

Track: Monday Morning, Somewhere Central
Artist: Ultimate Painting
Release: Dusk
Label: Trouble In Mind

Track: Tuesday’s Secret (Remastered)
Artist: Felt
Release: The Pictorial Jackson Review: Remastered Edition
Label: Cherry Red Records

Track: Tuesday
Artist: The Hummingbirds
Release: Lovebuzz
Label: rooArt

Track: Alternatively, Wednesday
Artist: The Palisades
Release: A Month Too Soon (1986-1989)
Label: Egg Records

Track: My Favourite Wet Wednesday Afternoon
Artist: The Siddeleys
Release: Slum Clearance
Label: Matinee Recordings

Track: Every Other Thursday
Artist: Parachute Men
Release: Earth, Dogs and Eggshells
Label: Fire Records

Track: Thursday’s Child
Artist: The Chameleons
Release: Script of the Bridge
Label: Statik Records

Track: Friday I’m In Love (The Cure)
Artist: Yo La Tengo
Release: Stuff Like That There
Label: Matador

Track: Good Friday
Artist: The Arc Lamps
Release: You Made A Wave of Sound EP
Label: Cloudberry Records

Track: Make It ‘til Monday (Acoustic)
Artist: The Verve
Release: A Storm in Heaven [Deluxe Edition]
Label: Virgin

Track: On A Tuesday
Artist: The Loft
Release: 1982-1985 Once Round The Fair
Label: Creation Records

Track: Wednesday at Noon
Artist: Coby and the Prisoners
Release: I Imagined a Window
Label: Self Released

Track: On A Monday Morning
Artist: Cocoanut Groove
Release: How To Build A Maze
Label: Plastilina Records

Track: Friday on My Mind (excerpt)
Artist: Nick Lowe and Los Straitjackets
Release: Walkabout
Label: Yep Roc Records

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