Razors Edge :: 7:00pm 8th Jun 2023

Image from Pixabay

Knitting nannas challenge NSW Anti-protest laws – The knitting nannas  took the NSW Anti-protest laws to the Supreme Court.  Their representative, NSW Environmental Defender’s Office says they’re awaiting judgement. But the rest of the other states, ie. South Australia, has criminalised public protests. Razors Edge asks how will this impact  on our freedom of speech.

Interviewee: Elaine Johnson, Director of Legal Strategy, NSW Environmental Defender’s Office    Reporter/Producer:  Wendy Free

Free Telehealth if You Buy? –If you need a doctor and can’t afford it, there’s Telehealth to help out. And you may get it free if you buy their offered products in exchange. But consumers are warned – it may just be all about making money and not about your health.

Interviewee: Amie Steel, Associate Professor University of Technology Sydney             Reporter/Producer: Annamarie Reyes

Chris Bassi and the Island Revelation – National 4 Biennale –Christopher Bassi has his artwork “Island Revelation” exhibiting as part of the National 4 Biennale at the Campbelltown Arts Centre. Inspired by his mother’s Indigenous Islander stories, his all-white tiles on the floor of the gallery,  makes a stunning contrast to his richly colourful art on the wall.

Interviewee: Exhibiting Artist Christopher Bassi       Reporter/Producer: Eleanor Godley


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