Static :: 8:00pm 24th Aug 2023

On tonight’s “Static” program (Thursday 24th August) …

We’ll speak to Melbourne’s rambunctious rock duo Dippers who play Sydney this weekend to launch their first album since renaming themselves from Thigh Master, the cracking “Clastic Rock” …

Plus we’ll be spinning brand new music from Hemi Hemingway, Mitski, DJ Shadow, Osees and more …

And we’ll dig into this week’s 2SER Feature Album from Chicago’s nimble rapper, poet and producer Noname, the soulful “Sundial” …

Interview via Soundcloud:

UNI BOYS “I Want It Too” (Curation)
HEMI HEMINGWAY “Now That You Know (We Can’t Pretend You Don’t)” (PNKSLM)
OSEES “Stunner” (In The Red)
DJ SHADOW “Ozone Scraper” (Mass Appeal/Liquid Amber)
SQUIRREL FLOWER “Alley Light” (Full Time Hobby/Mirror)
BONNIE “PRINCE” BILLY “Willow, Pine and Oak” (Drag City)
DIPPERS “Comment’s Grip” (Tenth Court)
SEXTILE featuring IZZY GLAUDINI “Crash” (Sacred Bones)
ROZI PLAIN “Help” [ANNA PRIOR Remix] (Memphis Industries)
NONAME “black mirror” (AWAL)
TEX CRICK “Easy Keepers” (Mac’s Record Label)
PANDA BEAR and SONIC BOOM “Everyday Dub” [ADRIAN SHERWOOD Remix] (Domino)
THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS featuring BECK “Skipping Like A Stone” (Virgin)
VANISHING TWIN “Marbles” (Fire)
VICTORIA “Justify” (Scenic Drive)
HOT APPLE BAND “So Long” (Third Eye Stimuli)
MOPE CITY “Eat Yr Promises” (Tenth Court)
PATIO “Relics” (Fire Talk)
HOLM “Coherent Strategy” (PNKSLM)
LAND OF TALK “Your Beautiful Self” (Saddle Creek)
HEMI HEMINGWAY “Hopelessly Dependent On You” (PNKSLM)
MITSKI “Heaven” (Dead Oceans)


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