The Mix :: 12:00am 2nd Apr 2023


Cool Sounds   Like That

Def Wish Cast   Circle Round

En Attendant Ana   Black Morning

Gena Rose Bruce   Harsh Light

The Golden Gaytimes   I'm Tempted (Radio Edit)

Claude   What're you on tonight

Vieux Farka Toure Et Khruangbin   Alakarra

WILSN   Tell Me

Les Big Byrd   Falling And Never Hitting The Bottom

Mo'Ju   Change Has To Come

Garrett Saracho, Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad   White Buffalo

Arlo Parks   Impurities (Radio Edit)

Don Glori   Dlarme

Say She She   Trouble

Floodlights   Lessons Learnt

Baby Cool   Magic

U.S Girls   Only Daedalus

Alannah Russack's Entropy Band   Love Beast

Mi Muze   The Lovebird Song

Potential   Chronic Gains

The Golden Gaytimes   I'm Tempted (Radio Edit)

Zac Denton   Cut The Chains

Sofie Royer   Klein-Marx

Fever Ray   Shiver

The Tubs   Duped

Leland Whitty   Silver Rain

The Golden Gaytimes   Goalposts On The Lazy Susan

Jodie Phillis   Silver Stars

Badge Epoque Ensemble   Soviet Zodiak

Sababa 5   Funk #2

Grazer   In My Winter

Elizabeth M. Drummond   I Tried

Andrew Gurruwiwi Band   Gatjumak

Joelistics x Komang x Gamelan Dananda   Synergy

Renovator's Delight   Play In The Sun

Salarymen   Young Guns

Billy Woods   Earthly Times

Batts   Free

Ezra Allen   Overcooked Tortilla

Rozi Plain   Help

Ingredient   Wolf

Posy   I Know A Place

ALI THE GREAT   Complexion of the Sun

Isolde Lasoen   Batterie

Miss Grit   Like you

Laura Jean   Amateurs

King Stingray   Sweet Arnhem Land

Frankie Rose   Come Back

Sven Wunder   Sun Kissed (Radio Edit)

MFV   Buckshot

Key Out   Together

Babitha   Brighter Side of Blue

Cate Le Bon   Typical Love

Marinero   Ixchel _ Lonely Girl

Robert Forster   There's A Reason To Live

Alannah Russack's Entropy Band   Movement

Bones and Jones   I've Got A Voice

Salarymen   Toe to Toe

The Bamboos   Midlife Glow

Flowertruck   All Through Roads

David Versace   Saguaro

Squid Nebula   Sunflower

3070   ALL 4 U (Radio Edit)

Workhorse   Dreamhorse

Sonny Ism   Solastalgia

Tim Shiel, Komang   Speed of Trust

Emma Volard   Regenerate

Pearl & The Oysters   Konami

Felivand   My Cool

Tex Perkins and the Fat Rubber Band   The Last Drop

The Beths   I Want To Listen

The Double Happiness   Dingo

Lee Fields   Save Your Tears For Someone New

Sunbeam Sound Machine   Mutual Life

Leland Whitty   Windows

Amanda Brown   Trouble You're In


Moody Beaches   Counting Reasons

Pei   Generous

Sunny War   No Reason

Colour Box   Waking

Sampology   Rain

Prodigal 1   Cruzin

marigolden   Mars

Skunkhour   Blue

Yo La Tengo   Apology Letter

Marxist Love Disco Ensemble   Material

Pale Blues Eyes   Little Gem

Full Power Happy Hour   Bit of Brightness

Echo Omen   Moojar

Steve Bourk   Wild Horse

wnbl   Still Not In Space

The Orielles   The Room

Laura Jean   Too Much to Do

BUZZ KULL   Do You See

Melby   Music Should Feel

Mannequin Radio   Spider on the dancefloor

Nabihah Iqbal   This world couldn't see us

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