Used Parts Galaxy :: Chihei Hataleyama – August 13th Aug 2018


The OO-Ray   Circular Tiny Fugues

Drape   Aria Let There Water Air

Sapphire Slows   Speculation The Role of Purity EP

Voice Crack   Without Green Below Beyond Above

Fia Fiell   At The First Clear Word All In The Same Room

Fia Fiell   Forward All In The Same Room

Nina Buchanan   The Garden Highly Emotional

Nina Buchanan   Water Under The Bridge Highly Emotional

Hildergard Westerkamp   Kits Beach Sound Walk Transformations

Dan Gibson   Seascapes (excerpt) Solitudes - Seascapes

Jim O'Rourke   Despite The Water Supply Pt 2 Despite The Water Supply 7

Dreamers Cloth   Ecstasy Waterfall (excerpt) Plays "Ecstasy Waterfall"

Chihei Hatakeyama   Grass Pillow August

Chihei Hatakeyama   Swallow August

Chihei Hatakeyama   A Tube Amp for an Electric Guitar August

Cooper Bowman   Hyroglyph Feral Flotsam Compilation

Duncan Cameron   Side B Time

Pistachio Headlock   Dog Decapitated Bird Head Lockin'

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