Used Parts Galaxy :: Bernhard Gunter 31st Aug 2020

Bernhard Günter is a German post-Cageian composer associated with microsound and lowercase movements or styles of minimalist composition. He is influenced by Morton Feldman. Our feature on this edition is his 2008 release, Lone Looper.

Track: Passiflora
Artist: Green-House
Release: Passiflora
Label: Longform Editions


Track: Longe-côte
Artist: Romeo Poirier
Release: Hotel Nota
Label: sferic

Track: Snow Soup
Artist: Fourcolor
Release: Water Mirror
Label: 12k

Track: Grow & Grow
Artist: Andrew CS
Release: Grow & Grow
Label: Self Released


Track: All tracks
Artist: Bernhard Gunter
Release: Lone Looper
Label: Klangstaub Musik


Track: Skagafjörður
Artist: Andrew Chalk & Timo van Luijk
Release: Night of the Experimental Film IV
Label: B.A.A.D.M.

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