Everyone on this Train is a Suspect by Benjamin Stevenson – Part One

We discuss chapters 1-11 of Benjamin Stevenson’s ‘Everyone on this Train is a Suspect’, the second novel in his ‘Everyone’ series. Ernest Cunningham is back, and even though you’re reading the book he’s written, he is really struggling to write it. His previous outing, a true-crime memoir of perhaps the darkest moment in his family’s history, has seen him invited to a crime fiction festival travelling the length of Australia on The Ghan. His literary agent has given him a big advance for a sequel, but sadly, autobiographical true crime is hard to follow up. His attempts at following his own mystery fiction guides aren’t getting anywhere, so he and his girlfriend Juliette hope that this trip will provide some inspiration. I guess you know where this is going.

We’re joined by Dr. Kate Evans of ABC Radio National’s ‘The Bookshelf‘ to unravel this book over the next three weeks, and also chat with Benjamin Stevenson about his own journey to write this book.

Thank you to BAD: Sydney Crime Writers’ Festival, and Penguin Australia for providing copies of ‘Everyone on this Train is a Suspect’.

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