Everyone on this Train is a Suspect by Benjamin Stevenson – Part Three

We discuss chapters 28-36 of Benjamin Stevenson’s ‘Everyone on this Train is a Suspect’, the second novel in his ‘Everyone’ series. A stop-off in Coober Pedy sees Ernest on a car-chase with a train, hurtling down the track after the enormous iron horse. Fortunately, the cows are on his side, and he is back on the case to identify the killer still on the train. Two bodies, two riddles, two methods of death, where are the parallels? With Alan’s botched denouement out of the way, will the police even let him look at the clues? Nobody is getting off, and everyone on this train is…you get the point.

We’re joined by Dr. Kate Evans of ABC Radio National’s ‘The Bookshelf‘ across these three weeks, and also chat more with Benjamin Stevenson about the intentions and key choices behind the twists of this book.

Thank you to BAD: Sydney Crime Writers’ Festival, and Penguin Australia for providing copies of ‘Everyone on this Train is a Suspect’.

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