Evicted! A Modern Romance

Sydney siders with a roof over their heads consider themselves very lucky.  Data shows there are about 35,000 people who are homeless in New South Wales and about 10,000 of them have some form of employment.

Anglicare Australia’s latest rental affordability snapshot reveals the rental crisis has become so deep that essential workers like nurses, teachers or bus drivers are being priced out of their homes.  Some of them have even fallen into homelessness.  Unfortunately, nobody is spared by the rental crisis.

A team of young and talented filmmakers have succeeded to turn this very sad episode of Australian life into a full length feature film that has been awarded the prize for Best Narrative Feature at the 2022 Sydney Film Festival.  The film is Evicted A Modern Romance.  Brigit interviewed Rowan Devereux, the director, and Will Suen, the lead actor in this comedy.

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