Drink Like A King At Castle Hill’s Pimarn Trek Restaurant

For this episode of Tummy Treasures, I tried something quite different. Rather than sending Felix, our beautiful host on Chewsday Drive, the finished audio file with my review, I sent him a file that he was not allowed to listen to under any circumstances whatsoever! Because on this one occasion, Tummy Treasures has TWO hosts: Pre-recorded Lachlan and Live Felix!


The drink we are reviewing together is Falooda, a South Indian/ Sri Lankan rose flavoured milkshake that has captured my heart for years now! And so when I walked past a restaurant that advertised falooda on its menu, I simply had to rush inside and do a very impromptu review with the owner!


Marian and her husband run Pimarn Trek Restaurant in Castle Hill and if you are ever nearby I would BEG of you to go inside and try this drink that is fit for royalty.


To hear some of the other, less chaotic, episodes of Tummy Treasures then check out the backlog here! And as always, head to the Instagram (@sydneytummytreasures) to see more photos from each review and send in any suggestions you have for future episodes!

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