Fight or Flight: How can we better manage our anxiety?


According to the Australian department of health, anxiety has become an epidemic. In fact, according to the ABS, in 2017-18, 3.2 million or 13.1% of Australians had an anxiety-related condition – an increase from 2014-15 when 2.6 million people (or 11.2%) had such a condition. These stats were even worse for males, as the rate of anxiety-related conditions almost doubled between 2014-15 and 2017-18 from 7.9% to a whopping 13.9%. We all know, If not managed, anxiety can have significantly detrimental impacts on an individual’s personal, social and economic wellbeing. But what is anxiety? Even with initiatives like R U okay day, why are the statistics not improving? And how can we manage our anxiety better? To answer these questions and more we had Director of ‘the Mind Room’, Michael Inglis. ‘Mind Room’ is a community of psychologists, wellbeing and performance professionals and mindfulness facilitators.



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