Brisbane outfit Lackadaisies are anything but carelessly lazy, as the indie supergroup of sorts bring together seasoned musicians from bands such as NO DOZ, Camping and Full Power Happy Hour – just to name a few..
Born out of a social setting of chummy banter and an eagerness to expel their pent up creativity, the three piece quickly got an understanding for each other’s talents and feels of their instruments in the moment of making music. Striking a amicable chord as they soon veered onto a path of jaunty, kinetically charged indie rock that inhabits the full breath of the space between their respective guitar, bass and drum set up, all while keeping things at a respective DIY level in line with their past experiences of the band lifestyle.

After spending numerous weekends setting up recording equipment – packing down – and doing it all over again in a seperate, yet homely locations, the friendly power trio of guitarist/vocalist Nathan, bassist Grace and drummer Marnie have created a 7 track record of spacious jams and bristly riffs in the form of PAYPHONE TEXT their debut release on Zang Records.

Ahead of their Sydney launch at Petersham Bowlo, Nathan of the band took some time out to have a chat on The Band Next Door on 2SER about recording to four track, perspectives on writing and the bands coridal time together.

Payphone Text is out now on Zang! Records

Thursday 15th of September, 2022

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