From Pharma to Table; Australia’s Vaccine Odyssey

Think Business Futures

In this, our glorious return to the airwaves, we ask;

What does the global pharmaceutical industry have to gain from the roll-out of vaccines?

Household names like Pfizer are their own kettle of fish, but for the AstraZenecas and Novavaxs of the world, it’s a rare coalition of public goodwill and government assistance that could fundamentally change the industry moving forward.

But, when a global health crisis greases the wheels of the world’s pharmaceutical regulatory bodies; what happens when the virus is controlled?

Joining Max Tillman to discuss this is Jennifer Herz, Managing Director of Biocelect, an Australian company now partnered with Novavax to deliver 51 million doses of the global brands Covid19 vaccine, ofcourse pending approval by the TGA.

And Dr. John Rose, Professor and founding Director of the Business Intelligence and Data Analytics (BIDA) Research Centre in the UTS Business School.

Producer/presenter: Max Tillman


Aired 9th March 2021

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