Think: Business Futures

Think: Business Futures is about so much more than money.

Hosts David Brown and Nicole Sutton go beyond the buzzwords, and take cutting-edge research and real world examples to explore the complexities of a current business story.

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Presenters / Producers

Nicole Sutton has spent the last ten years teaching accounting students at the University of Technology Sydney and has developed a knack for explaining the seemingly mundane, such as Key Performance Indicators, budgets, even contracting theory. She is fascinated by how organisational systems influence the way we think and behave. Researching this question has taken her to cotton fields, corporate boardrooms, scientific laboratories, sports news pages, office cubicles and nursing home tearooms.

David Brown is a Professor and Associate Dean External Engagement at the UTS Business School. He is curious about pretty much everything – which is why his research and teaching spans ideas such as environmental sustainability, intergenerational characteristic differences, cognitive models and decision making, innovation and entrepreneurship, research management in universities, sustainable agriculture…. the list goes on.

Jason L'Ecuyer is a long time podcast and journalism obsessive, Jason finally took the leap into audio production in 2015. He first volunteered as a producer for On The MoneyThe Fourth Estate and Think: Digital Futures. In previous lives, Jason has worked in town planning, community development and briefly as a bush firefighter. He is also the Executive Producer of GLAMcity.