Gender Inequality in the Music Industry

Music is a powerful language that touches our souls and without it we would have no rhythm in mundane routines. It is the only form of art that connects people regardless of the religion, language, or gender. Although when one is asked “who is your favorite singer, or which is your favorite band?” the most common answers would be of a male singer or boy bands. We often recognize music industry as male dominant, although, the contemporary music industry has seen a dramatic change in this “trend” as more female singers are taking over the world of music by storm. As “identity” has become an integral aspect of our everyday lives, equal treatment to all has developed to be a new mantra.

Australian music industry is no exception to it. Gender inequality in workplaces has been an issue of discussion for an exceedingly long time and is now witnessing a massive change. A recent study published by Berklee Institute of Music found that around 78% of women in the music industry have had the experience of being treated differently to their male counterparts.

The Sydney based singer/songwriter Shirin Kalyani speaks about how women in the music industry still must experience gender biases despite the talent and ability to deliver amazing quality content. The under-representation of women in the industry is astonishing, from longer lineups or connecting to larger audiences compared to the male artists, the young female artists still face great deal of differential treatment. The support from other artists and proper recognition by the professionals of the industry is crucial.

Making remarks that may be sexists has been such a common thing that we barely notice the fact that we are neglecting the talents intentionally or un-intentionally. Creating 50-50 quotas that would give equal opportunity to every artist is the key generate a more balanced and equal platform for showcase. The make-up of the industry although not gendered, should be inclined in welcoming rather parallel representation of women artists on open platforms.

After all, as Cyndi Lauper said, “Girls just wanna have fun”.

Friday 18th of June, 2021

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