Get to know: Boo Boo Muck!

Presenter of 2SER’s Love Buzz, Tiera (aka Boo Boo Muck) has a long history as a musical selector and lover of culture across many times and spaces. We thought we’d swap the mic around and get to know the co-host of 2SER’s Love Buzz Program!

Can you tell us about your experience so far as a broadcaster at 2ser , what drew you to radio in the first place, and how did you get started on community radio?

I actually had my first show on community radio about 20 years ago on Tin Radio. It was a short-lived Newcastle-based radio station started by This Is Not Art Festival in a repurposed office space in the Newey CBD. The show was called ‘Turn That Shit Off’ and I co-hosted with my best friend and flatmate at the time. We spent most of the time ragging on each other’s taste in music, it was actually truly awful and super unprofessional.

I started at 2ser about 7 years ago by guesting on shows like Departure Lounge and When the Levee breaks. And then Pete and EO (from Levee) asked me to take a monthly Presenting slot with my DJ partner del Piero.

We loved Levee and the music we got to play on the show, but after many years contributing to somebody else’s passion project we felt it was time to start our own so we could have full creative control and try some new things. So that’s how LOVE BUZZ was born.

2ser is like a family, the community is so supportive and positive and it feels like sharing the music we love is at the core of every music show’s purpose no matter the genre or theme.

Your show on 2ser, LOVE BUZZ (8PM Saturdays) , has been on air for a year now: any special highlights so far from the show that stand out for you? 

Has it really been a year? Wow, where does the time go?
Highlights are hard because I love all our shows, some shows do really stand out though.

Piero did this Summer Love-themed show right back at the start which was just so beautiful.  Oh and his soundtrack show is one not to be missed, full of super obscure music you’ll not hear anywhere else!

I always love it when we do an art pop-themed show because the weird stuff gets dug out.

But the shows I like making the most are the guest takeovers. I love hearing great music played by people who are passionate about it or play a song you know next to something you wouldn’t expect,  so you hear something different each time. And we have had some excellent guests on the show including my partner Joe , as well as  Love buzz family members Dessert

I also had fun making an International Women’s day Episode recently. I approached the sets the same way punk writer Vivian Goldman approached her book “Revenge of the She Punks”, where instead of taking a chronological or genre-based approach, she curated each chapter by theme. So, each of my short sets was curated into different feminist themes, like female friendships, intersectionality, not shaming women and fun.

The focus of Love Buzz is on many eras, exploring ‘revolutionary music within the cultures of the time’ – do you have a favourite era you would warp to for a night given the chance?

The late Sixties for sure. It was such a wild decade for music, art, fashion and politics.

But I would only like to be there for one night. The reason everything was so immediate and exciting sounding from that era is that it was actually a super hard time to be alive and there was a great deal to push back against. As a woman, a person of colour or a queer person, (especially if you were a combo of the three) your options were limited and you were either left out of the conversation entirely or put into really unsafe situations.

Are there any recent releases you think capture the spirit of this?  

I think modern Soul and Funk has come really far, even just in the last 5 or so years, there is just a plethora of exceptional local and International talent.

But one of the genres from the 60’s I am most obsessed with is the french Ye’Ye’ movement. So a recent release I would have to point to is Fleur’s New album Bouquet Champêtre. Fleur (Floor Henkelman) is a Dutch musician who sings in French (and sometimes a little English) who teamed up with French musicians Arjan Spiesa and Dave Von Raven to start a modern Ye’Ye’ inspired band, but with original songs. And they totally nailed it. Bouquet Champêtre is their second release and it is every bit as good as the first.

I probably play too much Fleur on LOVE BUZZ but I won’t apologise for it, she is just that good.

Ok – generic question time – you’re on a desert island, but we’re civilised so it’s only for a week and you get 5 albums – what would you take along with your portable turntable?

I always bristle at this question because my music taste is as broad as my emotions and since music is my therapy I would need to make sure there is something for every occasion/feeling. But ok, the first LPs that come to mind are, in no particular order:

Deep Shadows by Little Ann
The First Lady of Immediate by P.P Arnold
Did you give the world some love today baby by Doris
Soul Fever by Marie Queenie Lyons
Then one (or all if I can jam them all in one cover and cheat the system) of the French Ye’Ye’ comps. I would look for one that has one or all of the following at least –  Jaqueline Taieb’s 7 am,  Charlotte Leslie’s Les filles c’est fait… pour faire l’amour, and Cresoxipropanedial En Capsules by Ginette Garcin.


Aside from radio, you also spin records around Sydney and beyond, where can people catch you in action over the next few months?

I haven’t been hustling for gigs much since I got back to Sydney since Covid, so there are no major gigs on the horizon right now. I do often  play at The Hive Bar, Rekodo and Uncanny Bar so keep a look out for those.
You can always follow me at @dj_booboomuck and find out what I am up to.
Better yet, if you have a gig you want to hook me up with email me at

Tune into Love Buzz with Boo Boo Muck and Del Piero each and every Saturday night on 2SER, from 8pm.

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