‘Interrogation of Self’ by Jana Ortanez

Drive Presenter Beth Tracey spoke to Jana Ortanez, a Filipino-Australian multidisciplinary artist based in Sydney, who has debuted her work ‘Interrogation of Self’ at the First Draft gallery in their new exhibition titled ‘Traversed Difference’. This new exhibition showcases the voices of four emerging women artists, chosen for how they examine their identity and the representation of self through their shared perspective as artists of mixed Asian heritage living in Australia.

Jana’s work titled ‘Interrogation of Self’ contemplates the representation of the intercultural body. Through abstraction and collage, she dissects notions of plurality within her identity as a diasporic Filipino migrant.

You can see Jana’s pieces and the other artworks of ‘Traversed Difference’ at First Draft Gallery, which will be on show until June 13th. For more information head to: https://firstdraft.org.au/program/traversed-differences




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