Investigating the Potential of Psychedelics in Psychotherapy with Dr Vince Polito

Nearly a year ago, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved authorised psychiatrists to prescribe MDMA to treat PTSD, and Psilocybin, a compound found in magic mushrooms to address treatment resistant depression. While psychedelics may provide another approach for treating mental illnesses, more research is needed before psychedelics become part of mainstream psychotherapy.

Dr Vince Polito, Senior Lecturer at the School of Psychological Science at Macquarie University and Lead Investigator of the MicroDep trial, currently investigating the potential of Psilocybin in treating moderate depression, joined Danny Chifley on 2SER Breakfast to discuss his work and the potential of psychedelics as part of psychotherapy.

To learn more about the MicroDep trial, and see if you are eligible for recruitment:
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