It’s a Gay Area

Heyyyyyy besties! Welcome to 2ser’s hallowed Gay Area.

2ser’s resident queer program, hosted by Patrick Clancy and Ruby Innes, It’s a Gay Area covers all facets of queer culture for your sexy listening pleasure. You’ll hear special guests, hard-hitting interviews, the latest music from the best LGBTQIA+ artists and, of course, us talking about our silly little lives.

Patrick (They/Them) is a taller-than-you-would-expect Non-Binary darling. Usually found mincing about Newtown, patronising local bars and cafés, trying to avoid people they have hooked up, which is incredibly difficult when you are a 6’3” gay in the inner west.

They also live on Instagram - @dumbpad

Ruby Innes (She/Her) is an android that was created in an evil laboratory for evil reasons. Despite her programming, she is capable of independent thought and is actually quite nice. After stumbling upon an old USB and sticking it into her brain, she acquired knowledge of The Gay Agenda and How To Host A Radio Show, so now she works together with Patrick to create 2SER's resident LGBTQ+ show.

You can find her on Twitter at @rubyinnes

Tune in Fridays from 7:30-8PM to have a gay ol’ time with your new best friends!