Lose the ‘Tude & Get Nude, The New Naturists

Believe it or not, Australia has been home to a thriving nudist movement for decades.

Owing perhaps to our love of the outdoors, as well as a shared appreciation for the occasional skinny dip, Australia seems the perfect place for naturists- otherwise known as people who enjoy being nude in nature. Yet the community has existed on the fringe since its conception, and often garners a reputation that’s less than appealing to younger people, especially women.


Brendan Jones is trying to change that. Brendan is one of the founders of Get Naked Australia, a largely-online community celebrating body-positivity through naturism. Their Instagram has over 230k followers, sporting a diverse range of bodies and stories about the life-changing power of getting nude in nature.


Chloe Collard spoke to Brendan about the many benefits of getting naked, and even passed on some tips nervy budding nudists, looking to finally make the leap.

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