2SER New Music report! (November 20, 2023)

Read on for all the new music hitting your 2SER airwaves over the coming week across your 2SER Breakfast, The Daily and Drive programs:


A08 – Waiting for Zion (OS)
Beryl – Dry Peel Crack (L)
Black Pumas – Chronicles of a Diamond (OS)
Cat Power – Sings Dylan (OS)
Club Weld – The Picture of Everything (L)
Hubcaps – Singing and Songing (L)
Jaakko Eino Kalevi – Chaos Magic (OS)
Keanu Nelson – Wilurarrakutu (AU)
S.L Houser – Hibiscus EP (OS)
The Lewers – 508 A (AU)
The Native Cats – The Way on is the Way off (AU) FEATURE ALBUM


Chanel Beads – Police Scanner (OS)
Gut Health – Juvenile Retention (AU)
Joan and the Giants – Beg (AU)
Magnets – Down (AU)
OSWRLD – TakeTakeTake (L)
Pro Uno – Sunny Day (L)
Rowena Wise – Nobody’s Saviour (AU)
Don’t Thank Me Spank Me – Sandy (AU)
Worm Girlz – Dirt (AU)

November is proving a huge month for high quality releases, in particular Australian music.
Up first, our Feature album this week  from the Hobart/Lutrawita duo, The Native Cats, with their dark opus TheWay on is the Way Off on Chapter Music. The musical union of bassist Julian Teakle and singer and electronics operator Chloe Alison Escott, their fifth album is a record that gels as a complete whole via deconstructed post-punk driven by raw minimalist instrumentation, menacing basslines and tense, abstracted spoken-word lyricism. Unforgettable record and playing loud across the station all this week and beyond.

Another duo who have been making a lot of waves here over the last few years are Beryl (aka Alex Jasprizza and Gabriela King) with their eccentric and authentic art-folk brilliance. Wide-ranging in tones, their debut studio record Dry Peel Crack is an excellent one that combines the jagged and the considered as it moves between theatrical acoustic passages and emotive indie rock,  while underpinned by a constant sense of poetic melancholy. Gabs and Alex caught up with 2SER recently about the album an more.

Staying in Sydney, and  Club Weld have just released a new compilation , featuring many of the talented musicians from label such as Jerrah Patston, Charbel Nehme, Adoni, Nina Gotsis and many more. Many of the songs were originally inspired by artwork by Anthony Mannix, and Picture of Everything is a wild and eclectic trip through synth-pop, dance, ambient and classical sounds from the Parramatta-based collective.

One more from Eora and coming via Dinosaur City records, is the debut solo album from Hubcaps aka Ella Mosely. Produced at home over three years using garageband(!), Singing and songing is a nevertheless sophisticated dose of experimental dream pop that shifts between deteriorated acoustic soundscapes and sparse lo-fidelity drumtracks, interspersed with haunting vocal passages. It’s strange and often haunting DIY and we love it.

Heading quite further afield,  Helsinki’s  pop auteur (and former tram driver)  Jaakko Eino Kalevi has unleashed a new album on the world and it’s a real winner. Lyrically, Chaos Magic revels in it’s exploration of the madness in everyday life, and there’s more than a touch of Robert Palmer as it weaves through spacious and jazz-imbued synth pop and disco.

Fans of deep electronic grooves will get a gentle kick out of the new A08 album, Waiting for Zion. Formerly known as Africaine 808 (aka Dirk Leyers and DJ Nomad), the sophomore album from the Berlin duo is a gorgeously produced piece of sophisticated rhythmic electronica that intersperses live instrumentation and takes influence from Caribbean and South American sounds.

Also spinning loud on 107.3 are some killer new singles from Naarm art-punk tearaways Gut Health, loved-up vintage modern soul from local outfit Pro Uno, as well as the tearing debut release from Meanjin power quintet Worm Girlz. There’s plenty more to dive into, but let’s stop reading and start listening. 107.3fm 24/7 4u!
*Are you a musician or producer and looking to have your music played on 2SER? We’d love to hear from you.
Please send it through to Submitmusic@2ser.com with a downloadable link (in wav or 320 mp3 format). Be sure to include the release date, your location and any bio, epk links

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