Northern Rivers Flood Victims Dudded by Government

New South Wales Premier Chris Minns says he will visit the Northern Rivers by the end of next month as part of the region’s ongoing disaster recovery.

Mr Minns says a reset is needed and that he has asked relevant senior ministers to visit the region next week.

The move comes after the four state members of parliament representing the northern rivers met with the premier in Sydney on Thursday, along with the seven relevant regional mayors.

Next week’s promised visit is to include more funding announcements after the Northern Rivers Reconstruction Corporation recently revealed only eleven hundred flood damaged houses out of several thousand would be eligible for government buybacks in round one of its Resilient Homes program.

Fewer than four hundred homes in the region have qualified for house raising or retro-fitting flood mitigation compared to at least two thousand said to be in need.

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First aired on The Wire, Friday 30 June 2023

Friday 30th of June, 2023

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