Offshore: Behind the wire on Manus and Nauru

Malcolm Turnbull came out yesterday guns blazing, seizing on supposed disunity in the Labor ranks when it comes to asylum seekers, stating that only with a Coalition government can our borders be truly secure.

There are thousands of men and women locked up in detention facilities all in the name of protecting Australia’s borders. But many of us don’t really know the kind of conditions they face, or how long they will be there for.

There have been reports of sexual and physical assault and recently a number of inmates set themselves alight in desperate actions. A new book: Offshore: Behind the wire on Manus and Nauru looks to give an insight. Author of the book Madeline Gleeson, a lawyer and research associate at the Andrew and Renata Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law at UNSW joined Mitch for a chat!

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