Phantom Dancer

One of 2SER's longest running programs, The Phantom Dancer is a treasure trove of swing, jazz & dance from live 1920s-60s Radio & TV. Greg Poppleton has brought this multi-award-winning show to you since 1985.

Poppleton is Australia's only authentic 1920s and 1930s dance band singer. His band albums have more than 1 Million YouTube plays. Band website.

Greg Poppleton is a film and TV actor with Benchmark and a voiceover artist for MCA.Hear the latest Phantom Dancer shows below, with playlists and a weekly insight into a selected swing jazz artist.

Check out the last four weeks of shows below:

Tuesdays at 12pm
  • Greg Poppleton


Phantom Dancer :: 12:00pm 17th Jul 2018

The contribution by women to jazz is largely overlooked or trivialised. This week's Phantom Dancer features three women jazz stars from live 1940s-50s radio and TV: Vivien Garry, Anna Mae Winburn and Hazel Scott. You'll also hear jazz great, Libby Holman, in a rare 1929 radio broadcast. Tune it in on 107.3 2SER Tuesdays 12:04-2pm or online at Hosted by 1920s-1930s singer and band leader, Greg Poppleton. Read More

Phantom Dancer :: 12:00pm 10th Jul 2018

You're never too old! 1940s Jazz singer Anita O'Day released her last album, 'Indistructible', in 2006 when she was in her eighties. Hear her on today's Phantom Dancer from 1945-60 radio and TV. Greg Poppleton also beings you sets of Stan Kenton, European Dance Bands and Count Basie in a non-stop mix of swing and jazz from live 1920s-60s radio in this week's Phantom Dancer. Read More

Phantom Dancer :: 12:00pm 3rd Jul 2018

This week's Phantom Dancer mix with 1920s-30s singer Greg Poppleton has a set of 1930s Western swing records, a set of Louis Armstrong of 1950s radio, and this week's feature, 'The Philco Hour' from 1930-31. Read about Philco's improvements to radio technology in the 1930s, see the play list and links to listen online here. Read More

Phantom Dancer :: 12:00pm 26th Jun 2018

On this week's Phantom Dancer hear a set of Benny Goodman from 1939 radio including Charlie Christian on electric guitar. There's a set of electric guitar from live 1940s-50s radio with 1945 hot guitar work by Mary Osbourne. This week's feature, a set of 1930s commercial recordings by Sydney swing maestro Jim Davidson. Read More