Phantom Dancer

One of 2SER's longest running programs, The Phantom Dancer is a treasure trove of swing, jazz & dance from live 1920s-60s Radio & TV. Greg Poppleton has brought this multi-award-winning show to you since 1985.

Poppleton is Australia's only authentic 1920s and 1930s dance band singer. His band albums have more than 1 Million YouTube plays. Band website.

Greg Poppleton is a film and TV actor with Benchmark and a voiceover artist for MCA.Hear the latest Phantom Dancer shows below, with playlists and a weekly insight into a selected swing jazz artist.

Check out the last four weeks of shows below:

Tuesdays at 12pm
  • Greg Poppleton


Phantom Dancer :: 12:00pm 13th Nov 2018

Trumpeter and singer Valaida Snow told many stories about herself. She was a huge star in the 1930s. A set of sides she recorded in 1936-37 London is this week's Phantom Dancer radio feature with Greg Poppleton. Read her story, see the play list, see her 1946 video and hear the radio show here. Read More

Phantom Dancer :: 12:00pm 6th Nov 2018

There are people who go out of their way to ruin another person's career. This week's Phantom Dancer radio feature artist, Ferde Grofe, was a target of such abuse. He rose above it. The U.S composer, arranger, pianist and electronic music pioneer sought music rather than fame. You mightn't know his name. You'll certainly know his music. Here is his story... Read More

Phantom Dancer :: 12:00pm 30th Oct 2018

Thank you for supporting 2SER during Supporter Drive. This week's Phantom Dancer has a set of 1930s-40s German swing by request from a 2SER supporter. I've chosen four commercial swing releases of stage and film songs written by the prolific German composer and child prodigy, Peter Kreuder. Read More

Phantom Dancer :: 12:00pm 23rd Oct 2018

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