Phantom Dancer

Your non-stop mix of swing & jazz from live 1920s-60s radio!

Multi-award-winning music and history show, non-stop mix and sonic journey, The Phantom Dancer, has been must-hear, cutting edge radio on 2SER since 1985.

Now also on 23 stations across Australia, The Phantom Dancer is 2SER’s first show about radio, the first swing show, the first digital show, the first show to publish playlists online, the first multi-platform show, and the first non-stop swing jazz mix.

Greg Poppleton knows his stuff. He’s Australia’s only authentic 1920s-30s singer and bandleader. He’s broadcast on the ABC, SBS & BBC. On-air, he lets the music and announcers live from hotels, ballrooms and cafes speak for themselves.

Greg creates a mood. The last hour is all vinyl. Every week, Greg picks a feature artist to write about on And he selects a feature video. Hear The Phantom Dancer with Greg Poppleton every Tuesday 12:04-2pm and Saturdays 5 – 5:56pm

Check out the last four weeks of shows below:

Tuesdays at 12pm
  • Greg Poppleton


Phantom Dancer :: 12:00pm 28th Jun 2022

Don Redman is this week's Phantom Dancer feature artist. Don Redman was a U.S jazz musician, arranger, bandleader and composer. The inventor of swing. Hear him in a rare, static-filled 1933 home radio disc recording. Read his story, watch videos, see the play list and listen to the show here... Read More

Phantom Dancer :: 12:00pm 21st Jun 2022

Richard Maltby Snr, trumpeter, band leader, composer, conductor and arranger is this week's Phantom Dancer feature artist. He is most famous for his 1956 recording, "Themes from (the movie) The Man With The Golden Arm". Read his story, watch videos, see playlist and listen to show here... Read More