Radio for Old People

This week we explore some of the community training 2SER has offered over its time. In particular, a manual that is designed to bring Radio to “Old People”. While, of course, ‘old’ is a relative term, this lovely document gives a great insight into how inclusive 2SER has been in its attempts to make sure changing technologies and evolving media landscapes don’t move ahead and leave people behind. The manual includes exercises to make mock radio pieces, context around the station and the medium in general, and an important acknowledgement of the diverse listenership for the station. It also reminds us that as a Community station our job is to involve as broad a community as possible. The ER in 2SER- Education Radio – extends beyond those kids in ill fitting uniforms with long hair and skuffy shoes. Were you one of the ‘old people’ who benefited? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

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