Rallying Lives With Cable Ties

There’s something very modest and endearing about the opening verse of Hope, the first track that plays from Cable Ties’ second LP, Far Enough.
Maybe because it’s one of the most disarmingly tender moments of the record, or maybe because it’s a scene that many of us have been in before.
Cramped in close quarters with too many family members to count, perhaps during the holiday period, or maybe a result of a more current global event that has forced many of us to make those life concessions in order to survive, which has only cemented in your mind the instability that you always knew was inherent in the system.

But it’s only two minutes in when the song takes a turn, and Hope takes on a new meaning – one that tells you that there is still optimism in this era of late stage capitalism.
Far Enough is a call to arms and to take to the streets, to incite change for the greater good – and it’s this mentality that continues throughout this record thanks to the tightness of the powerful Melbourne three piece.

With their vocalist and guitarist Jenny leading the charge courtesy of proto-punk guitar riffs and an impassioned robust rhapsody, the unquestionable strength of Cable Ties lies with their rhythm section of Nick and Shauna on bass and drums respectively, who really set the pace for the thumping groundwork of propelling bass lines and percussive flurries.

With their new record freshly released into the world, Nick of Cable Ties took some time out to have a chat with me on The Band Next Door about the outfit’s sense of authenticity, keeping their head above water in a bubbling musical scene, and what it means to be political in music.

Far Enough is out now through Poison City Records.

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