Once upon a time, before email address books, Facebook contact lists and other electronic gloriousness, if you wanted to find ‘your people’ you needed to go old school. This week we look back to that time, with a flick through the 2SER Rollerdex.

A Rollerdex is a fancy address book designed to hold business cards, shaped like a barrel and with an excellent ability to make a ‘woooosh’ sound when you roll it through its alphabetical listings. What’s so great about this little piece of 2SER history is that it holds the types of connections 2SER management would have needed to help get this grand ol’ gal moving each week – including publicists, techs, sponsors, managers, and lots more.

We’re not sure exactly how old the Rollerdex is, but judging from its contents we can guess somewhere from the late 90s and into the early 2000s. Landlines, Fax numbers, Ozemail email addresses – it’s all here in its wonderful pre-social media glory. When it comes to celebrating 2SER’s 80th, who knows what the archivists will find? A FB messenger list? Instagram likes?


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