STEAM: Teaching Arts and STEM Together

An educational program encouraging young women to engage in STEM through STEAM (science, technology, arts and mathematics) is making waves across New South Wales. STEAMPunk Girls is a program run through University of Technology Sydney where school students identify a problem in their community and use STEAM to develop a solution. 

The program has been running for 9 months and already running in 50 schools across NSW. We spoke with STEAMPunk Girls program coordinator Taylor Szyszka about how the program is going so far and the feedback they have received from the 500 students and 100 teachers participating in the program.

To find out more about the STEAMPunkGirls UTS program visit their instagram, twitter or website.

You can listen to our chat with Taylor Szyszka from January here.

Photo credit: @steampunkgirls

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