T-Shirts! T-Shirts! T-Shirts! T-Shirts!

What is anything music and culture related without a T-Shirt? Nothing, I hear you say, NOTHING! Over 40 year history we have made a point of having various T-Shirts made to celebrate our place in the world. This includes Tees with past logos, past events, and then when the time came, Tees to be signed by passing mega, minor and now disgraced celebrities.

This week we look at some very lovely T-Shirts from the ‘vintage section’ of the 2SER merch cupboard. Some are well loved, while others are still in their (now yellowed) plastic covers. Of course they don’t have dates on them so we’ve had to guess their age, but we’re aided by other markers like some of the signatures and wear and tear. This week we also hit a bit of a moral dilemma, given that we have no less than three T-Shirts signed by Rolf Harris. Apart from the obvious question ‘When did 2SER EVER play Rolf Harris’?!?!, the more pressing question now is what do we do with them today? A burning? A ‘returning’? A ‘never to be opened again’ sealing? It reminds us that the archive contains some things that we don’t necessarily want to celebrate anymore – and raises questions about how we should handle this now ‘undesirable’ material. If you have any ideas, hit us up.

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