The Canary In The Boardroom

In the last few weeks, a conga-line of some of the world’s largest companies have announced pay cuts for their CEO’s and boards of directors.

In Australia alone, $25 million dollars in base pay for company directors and CEO’s has been waved in what appears to either be a sign of solidarity, or a sign that ‘recovery’ is a long way-off.

But, with feathers being ruffled on the top-floor; and COVID’s role as the ultimate corporate disrupter, does waving the CEO’s salary give any hope to the rest of the workforce, or is it the corporate canary in the coalmine?

Joining us is is Vishy Narayaran; Chief Digital & Information Officer at PwC Australia, Dr. Anna Loyeung, Senior Lecturer in the Accounting Discipline Group at The University of Technology Sydney’s Business School and Dr. Samir Ghannam, also a lecturer in the accounting discipline group.

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