The Crooked Hinge by John Dickson Carr Part Three

We discuss chapters 14-21, in John Dickson Carr’s ‘The Crooked Hinge’ with Brad Friedman of ‘Ah Sweet Mystery‘. Our charming little murder mystery takes a bizarre tour through the romantic proclivities of both our detective’s assistant and a suspect. At last, an explanation of motive emerges for the crime, but it’s even more bizarre than we had predicted. Dr. Gideon Fell announces his solution, only for a challenge to be raised and a cliff hung. Finally, an invitation to meet from the culprit concludes the true nature of the case.
We’re also joined by Aoife Clifford to talk about her latest release, ‘When We Fall‘, ahead of her appearance for ‘Small Town, Big Secrets‘ at the Sydney Writers’ Festival. Flex also spoke about this book on ABC Radio National’s ‘The Bookshelf’.
Check out Part One and Part Two here!

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