The Ethical Omnivore & Meat Sustainability

When thinking about the impact your food has on the environment, it can be so hard to make decisions when trying to consider everything from organics to over fishing, food miles to fertilisers. For many – the decision to not eat meat is a simple starting point – but perhaps its not quite that simple.

Grant Hilliard is the owner of Feather and Bone providore in Marrickville. Drawing on over 14 years experience working with the most ethical and sustainable meat producers in New South Wales, he and his partner Laura Dalrymple have just released a book called “The Ethical Omnivore”, which sheds light on the important role animals can play in not only sustainable food production – but also in restoring ecosytems that have been stripped of biodiversity through intensive farming practices. Thursday Daily producer Stef Posthuma spoke to Grant to find out more.


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