The Lamplighters by Emma Stonex Part One

We discuss parts 1-4 of Emma Stonex’s ‘The Lamplighters‘, with its haunting lyricism here to spook Herds off the scent of truth. Three men disappear from ‘The Maiden’, leaving the perfect mystery in their wake. Twenty years later, writer Dan Sharp shows up to unravel the case, speaking with the women who were left behind. Raising many questions about the genre we inhabit, there’s a lot to soak in here, and the book doesn’t make it easy, even though the effort is worth it.
We’re also joined by Associate Professor of Narratology, Dr. Tom van Laer, from the University of Sydney, to talk about how the shifting perspectives and work the book asks of you engages and endears it to its audience.
Check out Part Two and Part Three here!

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