The Lamplighters by Emma Stonex Part Two

We discuss parts 5-8 of Emma Stonex’s ‘The Lamplighters‘, its chaos and turbulence only growing as we approach the inevitable incident that spurred the whole story on. In 1972, the three keepers on the lighthouse grow distrustful. Their secrets are brought to bear, and an agent of chaos arrives amid distressing visions of bodies and ghosts. In 1992, the widows try to reconcile their differences, turning their cold distrust of Dan Sharp into a catalyst for growth. Through all this can Herds discern the identity of culprit and conspirator?
We’ve got an excerpt this week from the wonderful ‘In GAD We Trust‘ podcast, hosted by Jim Noy of The Invisible Event, in preparation for him joining us for our next book. He sat down a few weeks ago to speak with Tony Medawar about his fourth ‘Bodies in the Library’ collection and the processes that went into it. You can find the full episode here, be sure to give it a listen!
Check out Part One and Part Three here!

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