The Sirens of Summer; Australia’s Return to Sport

Last Sunday, The Federal Government unveiled their Return to Sport Toolkit, a road map for the glorious return of community and professional sport. But, it is not without its catches.

Gone are handshakes, high fives, oranges at halftime and the familiar chanting wall of parents that populate the member’s end of every suburban park. Clubs at all levels will not require a COVID19 safety coordinator, which seems like a much harder task than running the barbecue or being a touch judge.

And in the professional ranks, the major codes have descended into talk of broadcast deals and steals over the last few months as the pressure mounts to secure playing time. Far more importantly, the future of elite women’s sport is at a fascinating crossroads, with COVID’s cleaning of the slate, and a potential women’s Football World Cup on the horizon, it’s an interesting time to be in the space.

Joining us is Dr. David Bond, Course Director for the Master of Business Analytics at the University of Technology Sydney’s Business School, Gen Simmons , Deputy Chair of Women Sport Australia and John Didulica, Chief Executive of Professional Footballers Australia.

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