The Nicest Gelato Shop In Sydney

It’s a new year for Tummy Treasures and to kick things off we are featuring the sweetest combination possible: gelato and the kindest people you will ever meet.

Nando and Lisa know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to gelato, and it’s not just me saying that- the Italian government agree! Recently their shop, Toscana Gelateria Naturale, was one of only four places in all of Sydney to receive an award saying that they make authentic, traditional Italian gelato. Really, I should end the article right there. That should be enough!

But Nando and Lisa aren’t resting on their award-winning laurels. Every day they work for hours on end ensuring that dozens of flavours of gelato are ready for anybody who might like to try them! Everything is done from scratch each morning, meaning that you can go in safe in the knowledge that what you are eating is both fresh and made using only proper ingredients.

The shop itself is decorated beautifully as well! You really feel like you are sitting inside a gelato shop somewhere in Italy (with Nando’s fabulous accent giving added authenticity). From the pictures hanging on the wall to the music playing in the background, it’s a fully immersive experience.

So if you find yourself with a hunger for some authentic, artisanal gelato that far outshines any competition in Sydney, look no further than Toscana Gelateria Naturale in George’s Hall.

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Tuesday 7th of February, 2023

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