Max Dary Gyoza Crazy For This Restaurant!

Like a shark, the creator of the Sydney-based food review radio segment must never stop moving for fear of becoming irrelevant, washed up, and unwanted. That is why in this episode of Tummy Treasures we are launching a brand new sub-series- Celebrity Tummy Treasures! Every so often, I will invite a different celebrity to join me at their favourite eating establishment in order to get an insight into what foods those of us that have cut through the noise are enjoying on the reg. And with this first episode, we welcome comedian and man-about-town, Max Dary!


Max is a lover of many things (and people!) but nothing more than enjoying the flavours of the world. And the flavour of the world that he is most passionate about (in all of Sydney) is that of the gyoza served at Harajuku Gyoza in Darling Harbour.


Listen as I sit down with Max to speak to him about his gyoza experiences and why it is that this place has captured his heart- and his tummy- so forcefully.


If you’re a fan of this episode then I’m almost CERTAIN that you will enjoy the rest that are available to listen to right now on this same very website! And please, if you have any suggestions for other celebrities I should speak to or foods I should try, get in touch over on the Instagram account!

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