Lying Fish And Chips Shop Caught Out (For Lying)!

Strap in, folks, because this week Tummy Treasures is doing its first ever exposé!


Each week on Tummy Treasures we investigate the best foods in Sydney, so this week I thought my research was over before it started when I wandered past a fish and chips shop claiming to have “the best milkshakes in Western Sydney“. Naturally, I went inside and placed my order, trying my hardest not to make any preemptive judgments based on the dusty floors or menus drained all of colour due to a more than 10-year-long barrage of steam and artificial lights. The milkshake was handed to me, the exterior of the cup absolutely drowning in condensation- it couldn’t help but be so cold and fresh! But unfortunately that cool, slippery cup wasn’t enough to save the milkshake from my scathing reviewers tongue. A reviewers tongue that had barely just finished slurping up a relatively average milkshake.


Listen to the full review to hear all of the criticisms, and tune in live each Chewsday to hear new episodes!


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