Unofficial Run Club Takes Over the City

A Run Club Experience

Keeping fit and socialising doesn’t always go hand in hand but these two things are now coming together in the form of run clubs all over Sydney.

Host of Monday Drive, Ben Curdie went to investigate the masses that are running over the harbour bridge and around circular key with unofficial run club. Since its inception in 2023 the club has grown rapidly to the point where on the 26th of January they had a total of 1096 runners taking part in the 6am 6k including Curdie. 

One of the cofounders of unofficial run club, Sander Dalhuisen caught up with Curdie on Monday Drive.


If you want to register to for unofficial run club- who start their run every Friday at 6am at Milsons Point follow this link or check out their socials @unofficialrunclub.

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