Welcome to the Archive

2SER is 40 in October, 2019!

To celebrate we’ve been going through station’s archives – some 40 plus boxes of ‘stuff’. Trying to make some sense and impose some order has been Liz Giuffre, Music and Popular Culture academic from the School of Communications at UTS, aided by the work of super RA Chris Comerford.  With the help of the UTS School of Communications, the Australian Centre for Public History and the FASS R+AMP program, we’ve begun to organise, digitise and generally make sense of what’s been left in storage over time.

We’re still digging through the boxes – and the archive is far from complete in terms of content and details. As we continue to work through we thought we’d share some of the gems we’ve found so far – and ask if anyone has any other intel to help us sill in some gaps. We’re calling it our “Deep Dive in the Archive”.

The first ‘dive’ takes a look at some lovely (but as yet unlabelled) images from around the time of the station’s 10th anniversary in 1989. If anyone looks familiar to you (or indeed, if any of them ARE YOU?), then let us know so we can add proper details to our Halls of Fame. We also are happy to have details about who took the photos, as well as who is in them.

In particular, we’re wanting to identify some unnamed announcers and station staff;  a very daring (but not very safety conscious) engineer/tech; and the artist/author of some gorgeous cartoons featured in the station’s magazine, Listening Post.

Unknown country musicians

Unknown announcer

Unknown production team

Gaywaves ad artist unknown

Listening post cartoon artist unknown


Archive box display

Listening post production box – archive














Tower technician pre OHS

Unknown announcer Public Broadcasting Week

‘Serious listening’ cartoon – artist unknown

‘Public Radio’ cartoon – artist unknown












‘Tribunal’ cartoon – artist unknown


2SER radio cartoon artist unknown







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