Wide Open Air Exchange live at the Powerhouse in conversation with DJ Soup

John Blake aka DJ Soup has been experimenting with audio sampling and sound production since he was 13 and using his double cassette ghetto blaster for making chop-up mixes. DJ Soup went on to have a pioneering role in Australian hip hop music with Fonke Knomaads and established himself as an influential solo artist known for his soul and funk infused beat-making and leftfield sample-based productions. DJ Soup can be heard on 2SER every Sunday co-hosting the eclectic and irreverent vinyl music radio show Psychedelic Sundae and is a respected fixture in the Sydney live music scene.

2SER’s Wide Open Air Exchange is a talk show hosted by Christine Gallagher and featuring guests with fascinating vocations, interesting expertise and special interests. This is a recording of the program in front of a live audience in conversation with DJ Soup.

Powerhouse Late: Broadcast

Thursday 2nd February 2023, 7pm 

Attend for FREE and register here.


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