Goodness Gracious, Great Food (Zac’s)!

We’ve spent a lot of time exploring restaurants around Sydney that claim to be the best at something, but few have been so bold to suggest that they are great at, well, everything. But if names of restaurants were legal contracts, then the people at Zac’s Great Food would be in no trouble at all! Because it is exactly what they promise you it will be: great.

I spoke to Zac in Bella Vista, the second location for this famous Afghan restaurant, and by all accounts, things are only getting better! Zac is always working on new recipes to add to the menu (not that there’s any shortage of options as it is) and does so with a smile on his face! In fact, all of the staff here do! They happily prepare the “great food” for anybody who might want it.

Tummy Treasures will never die! Long live Tummy Treasures! Follow the Instagram account!

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